Vision & Mission

Berrel Makina Vision & Mission

Our Vision : To be long-term business partner for our customers both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission is to increase efficiency and meet customers' needs with innovative solutions.

Environment, Health and Safety oriented 

By improving ourselves continuously in our production, we will be conscious and accountable toward environment, human health and safety.


We will have been focused on a long-lasting, beneficial customer satisfaction with our products.


We will find solution to numerous hardships faced by our customers together.


Our employees will act in an exemplary attitude to themselves and those around them with respect, honesty, accountability and reliability.


We will develop our products continuously with new and technologically advanced solutions and initiatives.

Open Communication

We will support open and sustainable communication both internally and externally.

Team Player 

We will work as a team in harmony with our joint vision and targets. We will pay attention to and assess new and different points of view of our employees.

Openness for Improvement  

We will see the opportunities and remove the barriers. We will try to develop ourselves by participation in cooperation, information exchange and solution processes of our customers.